Dear Chemistry and Biochemistry Graduate Students:

I am writing on behalf of the Departmental Graduate Executive Committee (Efrian Rodriguez, Doug Julin and myself). The purpose of this message is to inform you of how the Graduate Programs will proceed during this time of on-line courses at the University of Maryland.

Our top priority is for your safety and your continued progress in research and scholarship.  The University is currently operating under severe research restrictions which change our normal means of doing research and teaching.
For more information, go to:

Here we outline a set of procedures that we will follow for the near future.

Students taking classes or TAing for classes:  Information will be provided from individual professors and instructors on how to proceed with taking and/or teaching on-line courses.

Second-year literature exams: We have extended the deadline until Sept 30, 2020.  Second year students should be actively working on their literature seminars, in conjunction with their advisors, and be ready to schedule your seminars once we return to campus.

Placement in research groups:  Any students who have not joined a research group should contact the Graduate Director for your program (Doug Julin for Biochemistry and Efrain Rodriguez for Chemistry).

Candidacy exams:  There are two options for candidacy exams.  Option 1 is to hold the exam using an on-line platform such as Zoom or Webex. Students will need to have a mechanism to answer questions graphically for this option.  Option 2 is to delay the exam for one semester beyond the spring 2020 deadline.  All pre-candidacy students in their second year or beyond need to inform their program Director of how they plan to proceed.

Dissertation defenses:  The Graduate School has new guidelines for defending PhD theses using on-line platforms.
Students who plan to defend remotely must file a request with the Graduate School using the link above.

Honors and awards: The work of the Graduate Award Committee, headed by Dr. Paul Paukstelis, will continue as previously planned. Students and advisors will be contacted as needed.

Research expectations: Students should proceed with their research remotely in accordance with the severe research restrictions that are currently in place. Faculty advisors will work with their research students to establish expectations and procedures for students to make progress in their research.

Resources for students:  Students are encouraged to reach out if they have health concerns or other issues stemming social distancing.  Students can reach out to their advisors, program directors, me, or the following resources on campus:

Professor Amy S. Mullin
Associate Chair for Graduate Studies
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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