Prospective Graduate Students

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at the University of Maryland offers graduate study and research that leads to a Doctoral (PhD) degree in Biochemistry or Chemistry. Students are admitted either to the PhD program in Biochemistry or to the PhD program in Chemistry and receive financial support through teaching and or research assistantships. Our department is located in the College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences.

Our department’s cutting-edge research is supported by more than $8 million dollars in annual funding. Our 50-member faculty offer research programs in fields of specialization that range from the classical subdivisions of chemistry and biochemistry to emerging subfields such as supramolecular chemistry, nanoscience, and bioanalytical chemistry.
We engage in strong interdisciplinary research efforts – particularly at the chemistry-biology,chemistry-materials physics/engineering, and chemistry-environment interfaces. These efforts are facilitated through heavy participation in campus research centers such as the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, Center for Integrated Nanoscience & Engineering, Center for BioInformatics and Computational Biology,and the Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Research Center. In addition our students conduct collaborative research at major national laboratories that are located in close proximity to our campus, such as the National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Standards & Technology and the Food and Drug Administration.

Our graduate community presently consists of  more than 180 graduate students, 50 faculty, 50 post-doctoral researchers, nearly 35 technical staff members, visiting researchers and students from allied disciplines. Our research groups are optimally sized to afford outstanding facilities while maintaining personalized instruction.

If you would like to visit,  please let us know. We can arrange for you to tour some of our laboratories and discuss research activities with faculty and current graduate students. You might also wish to set aside some time to explore Washington. D.C. which is only a short MetroRail ride from our campus.

The graduate programs at our department are equal opportunity, non discriminating, and all inclusive. Women and minorities are especially encouraged to apply. Please review our admission guidelines for additional information. To contact the Graduate Office with questions about our program, please email us. For Chemistry, Elizabeth Hontz ( For Biochemistry, Diane Canter (

There are so many good reasons for you to pursue your graduate degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry at the University of Maryland:

  • The Research:  The world-class research performed in our Department spans the entire spectrum of chemistry and biochemistry, with strong ties to other areas of science and engineering both within the University and in the region.
  •  The Location:  The Washington, DC area is vibrant both scientifically and culturally and is an exciting and enriching place to live.
  • The People:  Work elbow-to-elbow with award-winning students and faculty, some of whom you will meet on the following pages.
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Biochemistry PhD Program

We provide rigorous graduate course work in biochemical and biophysical principles and techniques as well as in molecular biology, genomics and proteomics, and systems biology. Learn more about our Biochemistry Graduate Program.

Chemistry PhD Program

Collaborate on projects in interdisciplinary fields such as nanofabrication, bioorganic chemistry, supramolecular synthesis, environmental and atmospheric chemistry and fuel cell research. Learn more about our Chemistry Graduate Program.