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Pre-eminent Chemist Lai-Xi Wang to Join UMD Faculty
  • Posted: September 8, 2014

Lai-Xi Wang, a leading carbohydrate chemist with expertise in glycoscience, enzymology and immunology, will join the faculty at UMD as professor of chemistry and biochemistry, starting January 2015. (more…)

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Dayie Group Research Featured on Back Cover of ChemBioChem
  • Posted: September 7, 2014

Research from Dayie research lab on new labeling technologies to study large biologically important RNAs has been featured as back cover for ChemBioChem

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Chris Jarzynski has been awarded the title of Distinguished University Professor
  • Posted: August 12, 2014

The Chair and department join in congratulating Professor Christopher Jarzynski who has been awarded the title of Distinguished University Professor. (more…)

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A recent news article in Nature highlights bacterial communication and has quotes from Professor Sintim
  • Posted: July 17, 2014

Scientists are now taking a more sophisticated approach to the problem of bacterial infections by inhibiting bacterial communication. Herman Sintim, a chemical biologist in the department, highlights the problem associated with early work  on blocking techniques

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Giant Global “Chimney” Could Alter Climate Change
  • Posted: July 17, 2014

Understanding how ocean gases are pumped into the upper atmosphere could help predict and even regulate our future world environment

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The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is accepting applications for Teaching Assistantship (T.A) positions
  • Posted: July 16, 2014

Click here to visit our secure online application system and submit your application form for Fall 2014

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Alumnus Willie May becomes NIST acting director
  • Posted: June 14, 2014

Dr. Willie E. May, alumnus and a member of the Committee of Distinguished Advisors officially takes over as acting director of NIST on June 13.

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Come Out of Your Shell Campaign
  • Posted: May 2, 2014

The Office of the Vice President for Research is conducting a survey of all campus research personnel in an attempt to identify resources and added ways we can support a culture of safety. (more…)

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Michael Mandler has been named a Goldwater Scholar
  • Posted: March 25, 2014

Chemistry and Biological Science double major, Michael Mandler has been awarded a scholarship by the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation (more…)

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Professor Chris Jarzynski is the incoming Director of the Institute for Physical Science and Technology (IPST)
  • Posted: March 6, 2014

Professor Chris Jarzynski will become the Director of the Institute for Physical Science and Technology (IPST) on July 1, 2014.  (more…)

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