image001Dr. Alice Mignerey has been selected as a Fellow of the American Chemical Society for research in both basic and applied nuclear chemistry. Her Research encompasses topics in relativistic heavy-ion collisions, nuclear detection techniques, radio-analytical chemistry, and nuclear forensics.  Additionally, she was honored as a leader and nuclear chemistry advocate within the broad field of nuclear science, serving with the National Science Foundation, the Nuclear Science Advisory Committee, and the ACS Division of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology.

Dr. Mignerey’s basic nuclear research is focused on understanding the behavior of nuclear matter under conditions of extreme density (pressure) and temperature. These conditions are postulated to have existed just after the Big Bang, when the protons and neutrons had not yet formed from their constituent quarks and the gluons that hold them together. This so-called quark-gluon plasma has been predicted to be accessible through heavy-ion reactions at high energies. The experimental program is centered at the Brookhaven National Laboratory Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) and the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC), where colliding beams of Au (RHIC) and Pb (LHC) nuclei produce conditions mimicking those of the early universe. Prof. Mignerey is a member of the PHENIX Collaboration at RHIC and the CMS Collaboration at the LHC.


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