For the health and safety of all, students, faculty, and staff are instructed to continue teleworking, to the extent possible. 

All members of the Department must be aware of and follow all UMCP regulations for on-campus work, posted here 

For work or scholarship that can only be done on campus, the Department will enforce the following regulations for on-campus activities. These regulations are effective June 11, 2020 and remain in place until further notice. 

All members of the Department must obey the following regulations for on-campus work: 

1) You must be authorized by the Department to come to campus. 

Faculty and their graduate students: Authorization is requested by the faculty members for themselves and their personnel for work or access to resources that require campus presence. Authorization is communicated from the chair to the faculty, and from the faculty to their group members. Department Staff: The Department will designate staff members to come to campus for work that cannot be done remotely. 

Work that does not require on- campus should continue to be done remotely to the extent that is possible. 

2) You must complete a Statement of Commitment form (one time only)

3) You must complete this on-line health check each and every day before coming to campus:  COVID 19 Employee Screening Checklist 

4) You must complete this on-line building log each and every day that you come to campus: Employee Building Visitation Log . (This is needed for contact tracing purposes.) 

5) You must wear a face mask or face shield at all times when you are inside our buildings (Chemistry Building (all wings), the Biomolecular Science Building, and the St. John’s Teaching & Learning Center). This includes inside the laboratories, offices, and especially any public spaces (hallways, elevators, restrooms, receiving). Wearing masks at all times helps reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus through common surfaces and our shared indoor atmosphere. 

6) You must practice social distancing (6 ft separation) at all times

7) You must practice good hygiene (frequent hand washing) and must clean and disinfect all high contact surfaces in your work area upon arrival and also on departure for the day, for your own protection and that of others.

8) You must obey all posted occupancy limits for laboratories. In addition: 

a) Occupancies must be <1 person/200 sq ft at all times.

b) Only one person can occupy the elevator at one time. Stairs should be taken whenever possible.

c) Lunch rooms are to be used only to store/access perishable lunch items, and are not to be used for dining purposes or food preparation.

d) Common spaces (seminar rooms, Atrium etc.) will remain closed and must not be occupied.

9) You must follow any posted circulation patterns, either in the laboratories (determined by the PI), in the administrative areas, in the service areas (Receiving, Chemstores, Stockroom, Mailroom), and in the Shared and Support Research Facilities. To the extent possible, we recommend going outdoors to move from place to place.

10) We all must do our parts to ensure compliance with these regulations for the safety of all. If you see something: say something directly to the individual. If you see repeated violations, you must report these violations to your supervisor or to the Department’s Compliance Officer, Jason Kahn 

Anyone who is found to deliberately or repeatedly disobey these regulations will have their card key access deactivated. At that point, entering the building is trespassing and will be treated as such.

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