The Frontiers at the Chemistry-Biology Interface Symposium (FCBIS) is an annual event rotating among five founding universities, including University of Pennsylvania, University of Delaware, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Maryland College Park, and the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

This is a daylong symposium to highlight research in the mid-Atlantic region.  The schedule will include invited and selected speakers (from poster presenters) as well as poster sessions. Admission is free for this symposium and scientists from academia (students, postdocs and faculty), industry, laboratories and agencies are encouraged to participate.

Invited Speakers

1) Gerald Hart (Johns Hopkins University)

2) Ben L. Feringa (University of Groningen)

3) Alex Deiters (NC State University)

4) Tanakari Inoue (Johns Hopkins University)

5) Barbara Gerratana (National Institute of Health)

6) Christian Melander (NC State University)

7) Cynthia Dowd (George Washington University)

8) Catherine Leimkuhler Grimes (University of Delaware)

9) Jeff Gildersleeve (National Cancer Institute)

10) Hui Zhang (Johns Hopkins University)

11) Bruce Yu (University of Maryland Baltimore)

12) David Chenoweth (University of Pennsylvania)

6th Symposium Program


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