Administrative Services

Copy Machine Usage

The Ricoh Aficio MPC5502A copier located in 0113 Chemistry Building is to be used for regular or high volume copying. This machine is intended for Chemistry & Biochemistry Department use only. It has many features: collating, stapling, enlargements, reductions, and transparencies. The appropriate transparencies, with the white removable strip, can be obtained from Cathy Fisanich or Melanna Mills (Room 0107). Copier access code # for all 1st year graduate students can be obtained from Cathy Fisanich  or Melanna Mills (Room 0107). All other students should contact their advisor for your code. See Melanna or Cathy F. for Copier Machine paper jams, etc.. Also available for use in 0113 is a large paper cutter and a heavy duty stapler.

Facsimile Transmissions

The Department has one facsimile machine for general department business use located in the Mailroom (Room 0113, tel. 301-314-9121). All incoming faxes will be placed in the recipient’s mailbox. This is a business fax only. To send a facsimile message long distance you must have your advisor’s approval and record the transmission on the log sheet. Fees associated with long distance faxes are charged to your advisor.


To obtain keys for routine use, contact Andrew Palmer in the Main Office (0107F). A KEY REQUEST FORM requires an authorizing signature, and must be completed prior to issuance of a key. All keys must be returned to Andrew when you terminate from the department. If a key is lost there will be a fee for replacement key.

Lost and Found

Items found in the Chemistry Department should be turned in to the Undergraduate Services Office (USO), room 1206. The USO will hold such items until the end of each semester. All unclaimed items will be either donated or disposed of at the discretion of the department.


U.S. Mail and campus mail is delivered twice each week day. The morning delivery is sorted and placed in the mailboxes, usually by 11:00 a.m. The afternoon delivery is sorted and placed in the mailboxes usually by 2:00 p.m. ALL NON-CHEMISTRY RELATED MAIL SHOULD BE SENT TO YOUR RESIDENCE.

All out-going business (non-personal) mail to be posted should be placed in the outgoing mail slot. Outgoing personal mail may be placed in the Stamped mail slot; however, all personal mail must have the appropriate postage already posted on it.

The CAMPUS mail slot is for mail which is addressed to other University of Maryland, College Park departments as well as Shady Grove campus.

When special delivery letters or packages too large for your mailbox are received, a notice of package pickup slip will be placed in the addresse’s mailbox. Bring the form to room 0107 to pick up your package.

UPS and Federal Express packages arrive in the receiving area. They are received at the loading dock several times a day. LaVelle Robinson (0203) will notify you via email that you have a package to be picked up.

For mail requiring special handling, such as UPS or FedEx please see LaVelle Robsinson (0203).

Mailbox Assignment

Administrative staff, technical staff, and faculty mailboxes are located in the Mailroom 0113. Graduate students, post-docs, and undergraduate teaching assistants are assigned individual mailboxes. If you have a question or would like to request a mailbox, please contact Melanna (room 0107).

Your department mailing address is: Your name, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, 8051 Regents Drive, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland 20742.

Parking and Permit Information

Applications for parking permits for faculty and staff can be obtained from Cathy Fisanich (0107) or downloaded from

Once form is completed you have to register your vehicles license plate numbers at

Graduate Students can get parking information at

To request a temporary visitor’s pass for guests coming in on departmental business please contact Cathy Fisanich or Melanna Mills (0107) at least 24 hours in advance. She will provide an access code for a parking meter.

Equipment & Room Booking System

Reservations can be made by accessing

Rooms and Equipment can only be used for official University business. Departmental function/meeting have priority in Rooms 0108 and 0112.

Data and Telephones

The Chemistry Building contains a large network of telephones, including emergency telephones. Location of emergency phones – Wings 1 & 5 in hallway of all floors; in Wings 2 and 3, emergency phones are in the intersection of these two wings. There is also a campus only telephone in the hallway on Wing 3, floor 1.

Graduate students and post docs must get approval from their faculty advisors prior to making long-distance calls.

Repairs, additional services or changes in existing services can be requested through Cathy Fisanich in the Main Office (0107).

Data jacks are activated by a request to Caedmon Walters that must include the jack ID number (available on the wall plate) and an account number.


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