Axima-CFRShimadzu Axima-CFR is a time-of-flight mass spectrometer with both linear and reflectron operational modes. The instrument uses matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization as ionization source. The mass range exceeds 100KDa in the linear mode and 10KDa in the reflectron mode.

Key Features:

  • Mass accuracy < 5ppm in reflectron mode with internal calibration; 0.02% of the parent ion with PSD
  • Precursor ion resolution 1 in 70
  • Sensitivity 10 fmol in reflectron mode (insulin B chain)
  • Automated sample target handling and analysis of various biochip formats
  • Specialized automated software tools to accelerate and intelligently manage sample analysis

Key Application Areas:

  • Rapid small molecule characterization
  • Protein and peptide identification
  • Polymer analysis

Recent Applications:

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