I’m planning on applying to the Engineering School. Can I take the Chemistry for Engineers Course (CHEM 135)?

  • Yes. CHEM 135 has been approved for students who plan to apply to the Engineering school.

What about the lab course that goes along with it, CHEM 136?

  • CHEM 136 is taken by students whose engineering majors require a chemistry laboratory, and is restricted to students who are currently enrolled in the School of Engineering. You can take the course if you are accepted into engineering.  CHEM 132 may be accepted by the School of Engineering, consult with your engineering advisor.

I used to be an Engineering major and I took CHEM 135, but now I’m in a major that requires two terms of chemistry. What do I need to take?

  • That depends on the chemistry requirements of your major; most majors will require CHEM 231/232 as the second term of chemistry.  You should consult with an advisor in your major or program to determine the correct course.
  • It also depends on whether you completed the CHEM 136 laboratory course or not. If you took CHEM 136 while still in Engineering, you can go directly into your second semester chemistry course.
  • If you did not take CHEM 136, you will need to take the CHEM 132 laboratory first, and then take the appropriate second semester chemistry course to complete your requirements.

What if my new major requires more than two semesters of chemistry?

  • The same rules apply as in the answer to the previous question:  The first thing you should do is consult with an advisor in your major or program to determine which chemistry courses are required.
  • If you took CHEM 135 and 136 while in engineering, you can go directly into your second semester chemistry course (CHEM 231/232).
  • If you did not take CHEM 136 while in engineering, you will have to take CHEM 132 laboratory before taking more chemistry.

Can’t I just take CHEM 136 instead of the CHEM 132 lab

  • No. CHEM 136 is restricted to current engineering students.

Can I take CHEM 132 lab and CHEM 231 at the same time?

  • No. The organic lecture and laboratory (CHEM 231/232) are corequisites, and the CHEM 132 lab must be completed as a prerequisite for the CHEM 232 lab. Again, this is a safety issue; students in CHEM 232 lab are presumed to have knowledge that is part of the CHEM 132 lab curriculum.

Having to take the CHEM 132 lab will put me a semester behind in my new major. That doesn’t seem fair.

  • Transferring between colleges or schools is never a seamless transition, and students are often required to spend a term or even two getting up to speed in their new curriculum.
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