Are there restrictions on which courses I can take at another school and transfer to College Park?

If you are a current student at the University of Maryland, you must get permission ahead of time by filling out a Permission to Enroll in Another Institution form, which is available in room 1206 of the Chemistry Building. These forms are also available in the undergraduate offices of other departments as well.

What happens if I take MATH or PHYSICS courses elsewhere and they transfer as courses that don’t fulfill chemistry department requirements?

  • Courses that transfer to Maryland as PHYS 121 and 122 orPHYS 131 and 132 will together satisfy the Chemistry Department’s requirement for Physics I. You will then need to take PHYS 260/261 to satisfy the Physics II requirement.
  • Courses that transfer here as PHYS 161 and PHYS 262 will satisfy the Physics I and II requirements as well. In order to take a class at any other campus you must fill out a Permission to Enroll in Another Institution form before you register for such a class.
  • If you took Calculus courses that transfer to Maryland as MATH 220 and 221, you will have to take MATH 130 and 131  or MATH 140 and 141 to fulfill your Departmental requirements. Since credit cannot be given for both MATH 220 and (130 or 140) or both MATH 221 and (or 131 or 141), the new math courses will NOT count toward the 120 credits needed for graduation.
  • If you have taken chemistry courses at another four-year institution or community college, those courses may transfer to the University of Maryland, College Park as equivalent to specific courses offered here, or as non-specific science credit.

Your first stop should be the University’s on-line Transfer Credit Center website. Using the Transfer Course Lookup tool, you can find out if the course(s) you took have already been evaluated for course credit here, and what courses you will get credit for.

The Transfer Credit Center has detailed information concerning the process of receiving transfer credit but the first step is to get your past work evaluated by the appropriate department (chemistry courses are evaluated by this department, art courses are evaluated by the art department, and so on).

If the courses you have previously taken have been evaluated and found to be equivalent to courses here, you need to follow through with the transfer credit process. Once transfer credit has been awarded, it’s important to check your transcript to ensure that you have been given the credits you deserve.

If the courses you have previously taken have NOT been evaluated, you need to bring a description of the chemistry and/or biochemistry courses you took and any materials you have that can be used to evaluate the courses (syllabi, websites. lab manuals, etc.) to CHM 1206. All supporting material must be in English.

Following evaluation, you will be notified as to how your previous coursework transferred to Maryland, and how to proceed with the transfer credit process.

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