Instructional Faculty and Staff

Administrative Faculty and Staff

Chick, Krystle - Coordinator (Undergraduate Services Office)

Photo of Chick, Krystle
1206 Chemistry Bldg. 091
  • Oversight of the day-to-day operations of the UG program office. Serves as primary liaison with internal and external customers.
  • Collect, compile and organize data as requested of Director and Associate Chair of UG programs.
  • Work with Director and/or Associate Chair of UG programs to assign teaching assistants, make-up exams, and other student oriented scheduling tasks such as course and room assignments, discussion pairings.
  • Coordinates the book orders for department, obtains desk copies from publishers, work with Library for reserve copies.
  • Maintains department archive of syllabi, exams, and final grades in accord with University policy. And other miscellaneous duties as assigned

Montague-Smith, Michael - Senior Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Photo of Montague-Smith, Michael
1206 Chemistry Bldg. 091 Website: Profile

Rosenfelder, Cathy - Program Management Specialist (UG Office)

Photo of Rosenfelder, Cathy
1206 Chemistry Bldg. 091
  • Manage the day-to-day operation of the UG Programs serving as the primary source of information regarding requirements for a degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry and direct more specific inquires to supervisor or others as appropriate.
  • Schedule appointments with Undergraduate Director.
  • Maintain majors’ listserve and send out periodic announcements of summer internships, job opportunities and grad school information.
  • Maintain advising database
  • Clear advising blocks  and prerequisite checks in SIS
  • Coordinate outreach events
  • Organize Undergraduate awards reception


Instructional Faculty

Addei-Maanu, Christiana - Lecturer

Photo of Addei-Maanu, Christiana
2347 Chemistry Bldg. 091 Work Office address: 2347 2347, Chemistry Bldg. 091 Website: Christiana Addei-Maanu

Capp, Christopher - Lecturer

Photo of Capp, Christopher
1102A Chemistry Bldg. 091 Website: Profile

Dixon, Bonnie - Senior Lecturer

Photo of Dixon, Bonnie
2130B Chemistry Building Website: View Full Profile

Friedman, Lee - Lecturer

Griffith, Elizabeth - Lecturer

Photo of Griffith, Elizabeth
1101B Chemistry Building 091 Website:

Houck, Joseph - Lecturer

Photo of Houck, Joseph
1102B Chemistry Building Website:

Koppel, Monique - Lecturer

Photo of Koppel, Monique
1130A Chemistry Building Website:

Montague-Smith, Michael - Senior Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Photo of Montague-Smith, Michael
1206 Chemistry Bldg. 091 Website: Profile

Rastogi, Soumya - Lecturer

Photo of Rastogi, Soumya
1101C Chemistry Bldg. 091 Work Room 1101C, Building 091 Website: Soumya Rastogi

Stocker, Lenea - Lecturer

Photo of Stocker, Lenea
2130A Chemistry Building Website:

Stone, Earle - Lecturer

White, Natalia - Lecturer

Stockroom Staff

Miller, Adrienne - Teaching Laboratory Technician

Photo of Miller, Adrienne
1207 Chemistry Bldg. 091

Sitnova, Vera - Stockroom Coordinator

Photo of Sitnova, Vera
1207 Chemistry Bldg. 091
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