Biochemistry Courses

Advanced biochemistry courses (course numbers 400 and above) require completion of four semesters of chemistry (two of general chemistry and two of organic). A grade of C- or better is required in the prerequisite classes for enrolling in biochemistry courses.

In addition to fulfilling the major requirements of chemistry and biochemistry majors, biochemistry courses are taken by students in a variety of majors and programs, including Biology, Animal and Avian Science, and Nutritional Science.

Course List

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  • BCHM 386 (3 – 6) – Experiential Learning
  • BCHM 399 (1 – 3) – Undergraduate Research in Biochemistry
  • BCHM 461 (3) – Biochemistry I
  • BCHM 462 (3) – Biochemistry II
  • BCHM 463 (3) – Biochemistry of Physiology
  • BCHM 464 (3) – Biochemistry Laboratory
  • BCHM 465 (3) – Biochemistry III
  • BCHM 485 (3) – Biophysical Chemistry (spring semester only)
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Biochemistry PhD Program

We provide rigorous graduate course work in biochemical and biophysical principles and techniques as well as in molecular biology, genomics and proteomics, and systems biology. Learn more about our Biochemistry Graduate Program.

Chemistry PhD Program

Collaborate on projects in interdisciplinary fields such as nanofabrication, bioorganic chemistry, supramolecular synthesis, environmental and atmospheric chemistry and fuel cell research. Learn more about our Chemistry Graduate Program.