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Chair’s Office

Photo of Janice Reutt-Robey

Janice Reutt-Robey

Professor and Chair

Phone: 301-405-1788 0107H Chemistry Bldg. 091 Web Link Group Website

Photo of Jeffery Davis

Jeffery Davis

Professor, Associate Chair of Graduate Programs

Phone: 301-405-1845 3345 Chemistry Building Web Link
Photo of Daniel Falvey

Daniel Falvey

Professor & Associate Chair, Facilities and Instruction

Phone: 301-405-1808 3371 Chemistry Building Web Link
Photo of Cathy Fisanich

Cathy Fisanich

Department Administrative Specialist

Phone: 301-405-1795 0107 Chemistry Building
  • Provides secretarial support to Chair.
  • Schedules standing departmental meetings.
  • Oversight of Chair’s calendar.
  • Makes travel arrangements for Departmental visitors (not seminar speakers).
  • Makes travel arrangements for faculty/staff for Department sponsored travel.
  • Back-up to Melanna Mills for key distribution and mail.
Photo of Dolores Jackson

Dolores Jackson

Executive Director

Phone: 301-405-4530 0107B Chemistry Bldg. 091

Administrative Leadership

  • Accountable for overall performance of day to day operations of department
  • Work closely with Chair on departmental budget, staff issues and physical plant matters
  • Manages departmental resources
  • Ensures appropriate internal audit controls
  • Provide professional development opportunities for staff
  • Point person for most departmental activities and concerns
  • Manage leave and time-reporting for staff and faculty appointments (includes appointed researchers)
  • Oversees performance management process of administrative staff
Photo of Melanna Mills

Melanna Mills

Administrative Assistant II

Phone: 301-405-1813 0107 Chemistry Bldg. 091

• Twice daily distribution of mail
• Maintenance of mail room
• Process and distribute all key requests
• Process request for building electronic access
• Department Telephone Representative (DTR)
• Scan, copy, mail documents upon request

Administrative Support

Photo of Krystle Chick

Krystle Chick

Coordinator (Undergraduate Services Office)

Phone: 301-405-1793 1206 Chemistry Bldg. 091
  • Oversight of the day-to-day operations of the UG program office. Serves as primary liaison with internal and external customers.
  • Collect, compile and organize data as requested of Director and Associate Chair of UG programs.
  • Work with Director and/or Associate Chair of UG programs to assign teaching assistants, make-up exams, and other student oriented scheduling tasks such as course and room assignments, discussion pairings.
  • Coordinates the book orders for department, obtains desk copies from publishers, work with Library for reserve copies.
  • Maintains department archive of syllabi, exams, and final grades in accord with University policy. And other miscellaneous duties as assigned
Photo of Judy Mahaffy

Judy Mahaffy


Phone: 301-405-2416 CMNS - Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Provides administrative support to researchers in the Biomolecular Sciences Building
  • Processes purchase requisitions
  • Reconciles and reallocates purchasing card charges
  • Processes miscellaneous payment expenses, travel approvals and expense statements
  • Coordinates: facility, equipment, and instrument inspection and repair
  • Manages keys, parking and building access
Photo of Shirl Phelps

Shirl Phelps

Communications Coordinator (Journal of Physical Chemistry)

Phone: 301-405-1327 2363 Chemistry Bldg. 091
  • Manages the day-to-day operations of the  Journal of Physical Chemistry Editorial office under the supervision of Dr. John Fourkas
  • Administrative support to Dr. Fourkas
  • Manage the Fourkas Research Group website (editing text and directing the updating of layout and images)
  • Compose Fourkas Group documentation, press releases and correspondence
  • Coordinate submissions of multi-investigator grant proposals
  • Provides visual documentation of Fourkas Group research through use of photography or videography
  • Working with department IT group produces the Department Newsletter
Photo of Cathy Rosenfelder

Cathy Rosenfelder

Program Management Specialist (UG Office)

Phone: 301-405-1791 1206 Chemistry Bldg. 091
  • Manage the day-to-day operation of the UG Programs serving as the primary source of information regarding requirements for a degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry and direct more specific inquires to supervisor or others as appropriate.
  • Schedule appointments with Undergraduate Director.
  • Maintain majors’ listserve and send out periodic announcements of summer internships, job opportunities and grad school information.
  • Maintain advising database
  • Clear advising blocks  and prerequisite checks in SIS
  • Coordinate outreach events
  • Organize Undergraduate awards reception


Business Operations

No Photo Available

Joe Borromeo

Accounting Associate

Phone: 301-405-1065 0104A Chemistry Bldg. 091
  • Process purchase requisitions
  • Reconciliation and reallocation of Purchasing Card charges
  • Process miscellaneous JV’s
Photo of Sandra Espinal

Sandra Espinal

Accounting Associate

Phone: 301-405-1882 Business OfficeCMNS - Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Process Purchase Requisitions
  • Reconciliation and Reallocation of Purchasing Card charges
  • Process Travel Approvals and Expense Statements
  • Process Miscellaneous Payment Requests
No Photo Available

Cynthia Muhammad

Research Coordinator

Phone: 51877 0104E Building 091
  • Manage the day-to day pre-award operations of research proposal submission and compliance
  • Identify research funding opportunities
  • Prepare and process all grant and contract applications
  • Develop Proposal: Interpret guidelines and application instructions; Complete required forms
  • Review proposal submissions to ensure compliance with external and internal guidelines
  • Obtain signatures of approval
  • Partner with the ORA to ensure timely submission of applications
  • Serve as a subject matter expert on grant administration matters
Photo of Erona Pate

Erona Pate

Accounting Clerk III

Phone: 301-405-1881 0104 Chemistry 091
Photo of Monique Prince

Monique Prince

Accounting Associate

Phone: 301-405-1878 0104B Chemistry Bldg. 091
  • Process purchase requisitions
  • Reconciliation and reallocation of Purchasing Card charges
  • Process ChemStores billing
  • Process Travel Approvals and Expense Statements
  • Process Miscellaneous Payment Requests
Photo of Carl Womack

Carl Womack

Director of Finance

Phone: 301-405-1879 0104G Chemistry Bldg. 091
  • Departmental Liaison to ORAA,OCGA,  Accounts Payable and Procurement
  • Responsible for reconciliation of accounts
  • Assist with pre-award budget development, grant submissions and close-outs
  • Departmental approver for most financial transactions

Computing Services

Photo of Angel Grant

Angel Grant

IT Support Associate

Phone: 301-405-8553 3222A Chemistry Building
  • Provides helpdesk support to users on all hardware, software and network
  • Maintains OWL lab
  • Maintains and set-up  video-conferencing
Photo of Caedmon Walters

Caedmon Walters

Director of Information Technology

Phone: 301-405-1404 3222A Chemistry Bldg. 091

Provides leadership and coordination of department technology and information systems activities and establishes technology aimed at furthering the efficiency of the department in Instruction and Administration

  • Departmental liaison to College IT group and Division of Information Technology
  • Supervises  IT Associate
  • Department DDR with OIT for all network and hardware concerns
  • Ensures smooth operation of data and telecommunication assets.
  • Has primary oversight of all departmental websites and relational database systems.
  • Develops, deploys and manages software distributions and application packages.
  • Manages departmental helpdesk support for users on all hardware, software and network

Payroll Office

Photo of Mari Andrews

Mari Andrews

Payroll & Benefits Coordinator

Phone: 301-405-8538 Room 0107C
  • New and renewing appointments
  • Coordination of immigration applications
  • Liaison to ISSS and UHR Benefits
Photo of Chirice Cade

Chirice Cade

Program Management Specialist

Phone: 301405-1849 0107D Chemistry Bldg. 091


Photo of William Griffin

William Griffin

Storekeeper II (Chemistry Stores)

Phone: 301-405-1838 0202/0205A Chemistry Bldg. 091 Web Link
  • Maintenance of ChemStores Inventory
  • Includes ordering inventory
  • Maintenance of compressed gasses
  • Processing Customer sales
  • Maintains alcohol control log
Photo of Andrew Palmer

Andrew Palmer

Facilities and Laboratory Safety Manager

Phone: 301-405-9882 0107F Chemistry Bldg. 091
  • Manages Building Infrastructure.
  • Provides oversight for maintenance, repairs and renovations.
  • Serves as Departmental Safety Compliance Officer.
  • Monitors Laboratory Safety Training.
  • Coordinates Capital Asset Inventory.
Photo of LaVelle Robinson

LaVelle Vatelle Robinson

Receiver and Store Keeper

Phone: 301-405-1841
Photo of Scott Taylor

Scott Taylor

Engineering Technician III

Phone: 301-405-1806 B0122 Chemistry Bldg. 091 Web Link
  • Provides support and repair of UG lab instrumentation
  • Provides support to NMR facility (filling LN2 tanks and LN2 and He fills for magnets)
  • Provides maintenance to common research equipment such as autoclaves
  • Billable repairs to research laboratory equipment per the request of faculty

Graduate Program Office

Photo of Diane Canter

Diane Canter

Program Management Specialist (Biochemistry Graduate Program)

Phone: 301-405-1028 0129 Chemistry Bldg. 091
  • Manage the day-to-day operation of the Biochemistry Graduate Program serving as the primary source of information regarding admission and program requirements.
  • Maintains Department webpage for seminar series and distribution of announcements through various medias
  • Responsible for travel arrangements and reconciliations of department seminar speakers.
  • Manages admissions application pool and provides assistance to admissions committee
  • Assist with organization of Visit Maryland  Day, Graduate Awards ceremony and other graduate program events
  • Back-up department contract for University’s Maryland  Electronic Graduate System (MEGS) database
Photo of Douglas Julin

Douglas Julin

Associate Professor & Director of Biochemistry Graduate Program

Phone: 301-405-1821 3505 Biochemistry Building Web Link
Photo of Andrei Vedernikov

Andrei Vedernikov

Professor & Chemistry Graduate Program Director

Phone: 301-405-2784 2353 Chemistry Bldg. 091 Web Link Group Website

Lower Division Stockroom

Photo of Adrienne Miller

Adrienne Miller

Teaching Laboratory Technician

Phone: 51840 1207 Chemistry Bldg. 091
Photo of Vera Sitnova

Vera Sitnova

Stockroom Coordinator

Phone: 301-405-1840 1207 Chemistry Bldg. 091

Shared Instrumentation

Photo of Karen Gaskell

Karen Gaskell

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

Phone: 301-405-4999 B0127/B0129 Chemistry Bldg. 091 Web Link
Photo of Yue Li

Yue Li

Mass Spectrometry

Phone: 301-405-1871 1515 Chemistry Bldg. 091 Web Link
No Photo Available

Yinde Wang

NMR & EPR Facilities

Phone: 301-405-1870 B0130C Chemistry Bldg. 091
Photo of Peter Zavalij

Peter Zavalij

X-Ray Crystallography

Phone: 301-405-1861 B0127/B0129 Chemistry Bldg. 091 Web Link
Photo of Daoning Zhang

Daoning Zhang

Biomolecular NMR

Phone: 301-405-8239 1103 Biomolecular Sciences Bldg. Web Link
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