Photo of Norma Allewell

Norma Allewell

Professor Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics1125 Microbiology Bldg. : 301-405-1302
Photo of Marco Colombini

Marco Colombini

Professor Biology3276 Biology-Psychology Building : 301-405-6925
Photo of Russell Dickerson

Russell Dickerson

Professor Atmospheric and Oceanic Science2413 Computer and Space Sciences Bldg. : 301-405-5391
Photo of Jonathan Dinman

Jonathan Dinman

Professor Professor & ChairDepartment of Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics – 2135 Microbiology Bldg. : 301-405-0918
Photo of William F. McDonough

William F. McDonough

Professor Department of Geology : 30l-405-5561
Photo of Srinivasa R. Raghavan

Srinivasa R. Raghavan

Patrick and Marguerite Sung Professor of Chemical Engineering, Associate Chair and Graduate Program Director Room 1227C Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building : 301-405-8164
Photo of Wade Winkler

Wade Winkler

Associate Professor Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics3112 Bioscience Research Building : 301-405-7780


Photo of Hendrik Bluhm

Hendrik Bluhm

Senior Scientist Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryChemical Sciences Division : 510-486-5431
Photo of Paul J. Dagdigian

Paul J. Dagdigian

Arthur D. Chambers Professor, Johns Hopkins University Johns Hopkins UniversityZanvyl Krieger School of Arts and Sciences : 410-516-7438
Photo of Michael P. Doyle

Michael P. Doyle

Professor and The Rita and John Feik Distinguished University Chair in Medicinal Chemistry The University of Texas at San AntonioDepartment of Chemistry : (210) 458-4196
Photo of Alexander Grishaev

Alexander Grishaev

National Institute of Standards and TechnologyInstitute for Bioscience and Biotechnology Research : 240-314-6892
Photo of Laurie Locascio

Laurie Locascio

Director, Material Measurement Laboratory National Institute of Standards & Technology : 301-975-8300
Photo of John Marino

John Marino

Leader, Macromolecular Structure & Function Group National Institute of Standards & Technology : 240-314-6160
Photo of Eugene Mazzola

Eugene Mazzola

Research Scientist Emeritus, Food & Drug Administration Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of MarylandB0119 Chemistry Bldg. 091 : 301- 405-1826
Photo of Babak Nikoobakht

Babak Nikoobakht

Chemist National Institute of Standards & TechnologySurface and Microanalysis Division : 301-975-3230
Photo of Ruth Nussinov

Ruth Nussinov

Senior Investigator National Cancer InstituteCenter for Cancer Research : 301-846-5579
Photo of Suzanne Ostrand-Rosenberg

Suzanne Ostrand-Rosenberg

Professor of Biological Sciences/Robert and Jane Meyerhoff Chair of Biochemistry University of Maryland Baltimore CountyBiological Sciences : 410-455-2237: 410-455-2251
Photo of John Petersen

John Petersen

Periodic Structures, Inc. : 512-751-6171
Photo of Clark Ridge

Clark Ridge

Food and Drug Administration, DHHS/FDA/CFSAN/OF/CFSAN/ORS/DACBuilding 091, Room B0119 : 301-405-1826
Photo of Devarajan Thirumalai

Devarajan Thirumalai

Robert A. Welch Chair of Chemistry, University of Texas at Austin Department of Chemistry, College of Natural SciencesUniversity of Texas at Austin : 512-475-8670
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