Shared Instrumentation

DSC_0168Our goal is to provide easy access to state-of-the-art instrumentation for chemical analyses. Services are available to all scientific communities as well as educational programs. Detailed information of our services can be referenced by the links below.

The facilities are staffed with professionals of their specialty. You can contact us and submit your samples. Consultation and optimization are available correspondingly. For routine analyses, appropriate training and tutorials are offered for frequent users. Qualified users can carry out their measurements in self-service mode.

Most of our users are research groups from the University community. Please refer to their web pages to see how our instrumentation services are being applied by these groups. There are also external users from peer research institutes and industries. Development and policy on sharing the facilities are governed by the Analytical Services Committee.

Your support and comments are always welcomed. Please feel free to contact us any time by phone or e-mail.

 Biomolecular NMR  NMR & EPR Spectroscopy Mass Spectrometry X-ray Crystallography
 Dr. Daoning Zhang Vacant Dr. Yue Li Dr. Peter Zavalij
 (301)405-8239 (301) 405-1869 office (301) 405-1871 (301) 405-1861
Dr. Yinde Wang
(301) 405-1870 office
 (301) 485-59 labs
 Surface Analysis Center Optical Instrumentation Facility
 Dr. Karen Gaskell Scott Taylor
(301) 405-4999 Coordinator for Shared Optical Facility – 301-405-1806
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Biochemistry PhD Program

We provide rigorous graduate course work in biochemical and biophysical principles and techniques as well as in molecular biology, genomics and proteomics, and systems biology. Learn more about our Biochemistry Graduate Program.

Chemistry PhD Program

Collaborate on projects in interdisciplinary fields such as nanofabrication, bioorganic chemistry, supramolecular synthesis, environmental and atmospheric chemistry and fuel cell research. Learn more about our Chemistry Graduate Program.