Covid 19 Rules: Optical Facility Open Phase 2

Now in Phase 2 of Covid 19 Rules! Training for new users is permitted but will be done remotely if possible .
Do not come in the lab if you are feeling unwell, temperature above 100.4 F, cough, or other known Covid 19 symptoms. Keep 6 feet apart, only 2 in lab SOP for Phase 2:  Masks must be worn while in the lab to prevent aerosol virus spread in the lab. You must be logged in to the scheduler 24 hours ahead of the experiment. This will ensure social distancing and prevent more than one person from arriving in the lab.

Use Online Scheduler “Faces” (Univ. of Georgia) website:  contact Scott email or 301-405-1806

If you are entered in the Faces system properly, you can log in and add your time to the scheduler. Use UMDOPTICS as the group and your first name lower case as the user. Contact Scott if you need a new password . Before arriving in the lab, check the schedule to confirm your entry is on the schedule. Use social distancing methods, only two users at a time in the 1122 lab for Phase 2.

Disinfection Required: Wipe the surfaces of the instrument, keyboard, and mouse before and after you finish in the lab. Wearing PPE, use a paper towel wet with 70 percent ethanol or 70 percent isopropyl alcohol. The alcohols are stored in the fume hood and flammable materials cabinet. Paper towels and gloves are on the countertop  Don’t use methanol or acetone for cleaning because of plastic. You must wear a mask, and safety goggles and gloves when present. Be neat and clean up any spills.  Disinfect touch surfaces when you are finished. Please write your name, PI, and time on the instrument in the Logbook.

Optical Instrumentation Overview

The Department has several research grade optical instruments to support various analysis for organic and biological studies.

  • Two easy access FT-IR spectrometers
  • A Fully computer control advanced Circular Dichroism spectrometer

For information and capabilities of a specific spectrometer, please select from the left menu bar.

Scott Taylor – Coordinator for Optics Facility
Tel: 301-405-1806
FAX: 301-314-9121
Office: B0122, Chemistry Building #91.

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